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Date: 6/17/2017 6:38 PM EDT

Imagine this. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, everyone is outside enjoying the day. Whatever the event may be, there is something missing from the picture. That is a barbeque of course! Who doesn’t love the smell and taste of delicious barbeque. You know how we can make that picture even better. By supplying the barbeque for you! No stress for you, allowing you to enjoy your event, while Sugar and Spice Café takes care of the rest. Father’s Day is coming up, and you don’t want your father having to worry about grilling on his day. That’s where we step in. With Sugar and Spice BBQ catering, he doesn’t have to do anything! What a perfect surprise, all the benefits of a barbeque, without any of the work! We have a delicious BBQ menu, including: hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, pulled pork, ribs, steak, brisket, sausage even shrimp and so much more! You also can forget about the sides, salads, veggies, mac & cheese, corn and potatoes, just to name a few! I can already hear your stomach growling. Stop in to Sugar and Spice Café, and it can all be yours! 

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Date: 5/8/2017 10:53 AM EDT

After several fake outs, it finally seems like spring weather is here to stay, with summer weather hopefully following shortly. It’s time to freshen up your plate with tasty, tender greens! If the cold months left you with extra pounds to shed, a salad from Sugar & Spice can help! They're tasty for any meal of the day, and perfectly balanced with protein, veggies/fruit, and healthy fats! Think about it! A cup of shredded romaine lettuce has minimal calories yet a large amount of vitamin A and Vitamin C! Not to mention, you can super charge your salads with dark greens such as spinach, arugula, and kale! So, stop into Sugar & Spice Café and turn over a new leaf this Spring!

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Date: 4/3/2017 10:18 AM EDT

It’s Party Time!
Everyone loves a good party, but sometimes the effort that goes into coordinating the food and clean-up can seem like an endless list of to-dos. Whether it’s an office meeting, holiday party, gala, baby shower, wedding, baptism, communion or family party-Sugar & Spice Catering can make it a memorable event to brag about for years to come! Our catering service is reliable, professional, and delicious! All you have to do is decide on the menu and how you want it served, and we take it from there! You get to relax and enjoy the company of your guests!
Choices, Choices. Choices!
Depending on whether your event is a fancy to-do or a casual gathering, we have the menu to fit your budget and your needs. We can walk you through the process to ensure you are satisfied with not only the food selection but also the costs. Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner, we have tons of choices to choose from!
Don’t Delay, Book Today

Once you have your date and time set, give us a call. All catering arrangements are made on a first-come, first-serve basis, so don't delay! Holidays and weekends tend to be the busiest. Warmer months also are popular for outdoor events. When the food you serve is as important to you as your event, let Sugar & Spice Catering make it perfect for you!

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Date: 3/1/2017 12:55 PM EST

There’s no other time of year when corned beef is so widely consumed as St. Patrick’s Day.  Ironically, the dish that is so closely associated with Irish tradition isn’t Irish at all! In Ireland, beef was considered a luxury and most meat-centered meals consisted of ham or bacon.  Irish immigrants who came to America found that in America, beef, in this case brisket which was actually less expensive and therefore more readily available.  The technique of brining the meat was typical of Eastern European recipes, and is a nod to the melting pot of America and the influence other cultures had on each other.  As for cabbage, aside from it being a green vegetable, and therefore associated with the Emerald Isle, it too was cost effective.  Other vegetables traditionally served alongside corned beef are carrots and potatoes.  These root vegetables were not only common side dishes in Ireland, but also were most likely to survive the winter in root cellars.  One thing is for certain, enjoying this meal is a fun tradition and a wonderful way to celebrate the blending of cultures in America! 

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Date: 2/15/2017 4:44 PM EST

At Sugar & Spice Café, we love exploring our sweet side, especially CHOCOLATE! February is the perfect time to focus on this magical seed, not only because it’s a popular flavor for Valentine’s Day, but also because nothing brightens a cold dreary winter day quite like chocolate! Why is chocolate such a mood booster? The proof is in the science.  Chocolate contains an amino acid called L-tryptophan.  If that sounds familiar, it’s because tryptophan is also commonly linked to the sleepy feeling after a big turkey dinner.  L-tryptophan also leads to an increase in serotonin, the “feel good chemical”, in both the brain and the intestines! Chocolate also contains carbohydrates, which processes into sugar, and releases more serotonin.  From a psychological aspect, think of every time you’ve indulged in chocolate.  Usually is a special, fun, happy time, like a birthday, holiday, or celebration.  Even when “stress eating”, many people turn to chocolate to replicate that happy association.  At Sugar & Spice café, we love sharing our chocolate treats with you from our chocolate chip cookie brownies, to our s’mores bars, to our double chocolate cookies! Stop by and treat yourself!

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Date: 1/20/2017 10:07 AM EST

Wintertime is certainly not the easiest time of year to make the choice for a healthier lifestyle.  That being said, we have some great tips on making small choices that can help you take that first step to being healthier! 
            Of course, salads are a great way to stay healthy.  Our salads contain fresh ingredients that are packed with flavor.  Elements of protein in our salads will keep you full and energized all day.  An important aspect of salads that sometimes gets overlooked is the variety of greens.  Red leaf lettuce and spinach are delicious and healthy ways to get key nutrients and fiber into your diet.
            Carbs can get a bad reputation for adding inches to your waistline, but if you are staying active, they can be an important way to fuel your body.  Our wraps are a fast and easy way to fill your belly and boost your energy, whether at lunch time or breakfast!
             Other choices you can make are opting for grilled chicken, side salad instead of fries, and snacking on fresh fruit.  That being said, remember that balance is key and it’s ok to reward yourself every once in a while, in moderation! Here’s to a healthy you in 2017!

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Date: 11/11/2016 1:39 PM EST

The star of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner is, of course, the turkey!  While the pilgrims themselves may not have had turkey, William Bradford, a colonist in Plymouth, noted in his journal that they hunted turkeys.  Add to this that turkeys are an American bird, and its ability to feed a large amount of people, it became the fowl of choice by the time Thanksgiving became an official holiday in 1863. 
            Along with turkey is a lineup of mouthwatering sides that range in tastes and textures from creamy mashed potatoes to tart cranberry sauce.  Preparing all these delicious foods can certainly take its toll, especially when you’re cooking for a large group.  One way to cut back on the pressure is to prepare some foods a day or two ahead of time.  Foods like mashed potatoes, stuffing, and corn can stay refrigerated up to 4 days, and then get reheated Thanksgiving morning.  A green bean casserole can keep up to a couple days, but if you’re using crispy onions on top, remember to put them on right before serving, or they’ll absorb moisture.  Having some of your foods made ahead of time should allow for more flexibility, and let you enjoy the day as well.  What’s the best way to ensure a stress free holiday? Call Sugar & Spice Café and Spice Catering at 845.471.4603 and let us do the work!

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Date: 10/7/2016 10:23 AM EDT


      One of, if not THE biggest flavor of the season is, of course, 

pumpkin spice.  It’s everywhere, from whipped cream to cookies 

to lattes.  What is this magical flavor that makes us want to throw 

on a cuddly sweater and get transported to a pumpkin patch?  

 Before you start raiding your spice cabinet for the perfect blend of 

seasonal spices, here’s some food (and science) for thought.  While 

pumpkin pie spice is generally a blend of cinnamon, cloves, 

nutmeg and ginger, and sometimes actual pumpkin extract, when it 

comes to adding it to your favorite foods, you may end up with a 

deliciously spicy product, but not that real pumpkin-y essence.   

This is because most pumpkin spice flavorings are actually 

chemical compounds that are found in the aforementioned spices.   

These compounds are combined in such a way that the end results 

evokes that “pumpkin pie” feeling, as opposed to just a spiced 

product.  Either way, pumpkin spice is here to stay and there’s no 

better way to welcome the fall season!

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Date: 9/9/2016 4:13 PM EDT

              Whether you call it an apple crisp or an apple crumble, one thing is certain: what you’re about to eat is going to be heavenly! One of the signature desserts of fall is what Americans call the apple crisp.  Apple crisp is typically made from apples (of course!) placed in a baking dish and topped with the crisp (or crumble).   This is generally made up of sugar, oats, seasoning, and butter, sprinkled on top of the apples and baked. 
             While there doesn’t seem to be a specific origin of apple crisp, it does have a close cousin in the British dessert, apple crumble.  The apple crumble was a dessert that came about during World War II when many ingredients were rationed.  Rather than use the flour and fats required to make pie, crumbles incorporated oats and even breadcrumbs for texture. 
            Whenever you’re feeling like enjoying this fall dessert, stop by Sugar & Spice Café and try our apple crisp!

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Date: 8/9/2016 12:23 PM EDT

Nothing quite says summer like camping out by the fire, enjoying the company of friends and family, and of course, great food.  What’s the perfect campfire food? S’mores of course! It would make sense then that National S’mores Day is celebrated August 10th!  The classic, traditional s’more is a marshmallow toasted to perfection by a campfire then placed on top of a chocolate bar and sandwiched between 2 graham crackers.  We can thank Loretta Scott Crew for the recipe and appropriate moniker.  The first recipe was published in 1927 in Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts.  No one really knows how the name “Some More’s” got shortened to S’mores, since the original name of “Some More’s” was used up until at least 1971 in Girl Scout publications.  Whatever you call them, s’mores are a sweet and delicious way to enjoy summer! You can try Sugar & Spice Café’s take on this yummy treat and try one of our s’mores bars!

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