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Your Vision

At Spice Catering we want to create your dream wedding and bring your dreams into reality. We are more than just a caterer. Our Executive Chef, Billy Turner, puts it best:

Spice Catering loves working with couples and their families. - “We enjoy the challenge of each event...the relationships. We feel like we are family. We work with the brides, grooms, (and their families).  It starts when we meet them for their first tasting. The day of the event we’re the first one to arrive and the last one to leave. We love it, that’s why we do it."

We offer flexibility with options and budgets to our Client. When we wake up the morning of their event, we feel like we’re getting married. We treat your wedding that way. It’s not just that day it’s the relationship. Our Executive Chef and staff build your wedding 12-16 months out. We’re on your side. There can be a lot of anxiety with our Client and we like to be the solution.

From Vision to Plan

Billy explains that Spice Catering acts more like a wedding planner than a caterer. He says, “We assume responsibility for the entire wedding - rentals, bar service, wait staff - we’re a full service catering company. We handle everything from beginning to end. And if they need professionals we can help them with referrals including bands, DJs, photographers.”

For the Happy Couple, we recommend that you do your due diligence - come prepared with budgets, ideas and as much detail as you can. We never impose our will. We will offer suggestions of what we have done and what we would recommend but this is your day. We will help you every step of the way but have a vision and budget in mind and we will make it come to fruition.

We will do tastings and venue walk throughs to ensure everything is designed and placed exactly as you envision it in your mind. We can accommodate specialty items, food and drink from your family traditions, whether they be ethic, cultural or religious. No request is too unusual - so just ask! For example, one couple met at Colgate University and loved a local brewery. We included some beer choices from that brewery into the menu.

Bringing Your Plan to Life

We will bring your wedding to life in the beautiful Hudson Valley. Spice Catering loves the Hudson Valley for weddings! Whether we are doing just your wedding, or we are preparing the entire weekend from rehearsal dinner to post wedding brunch.

We love the abundance of produce locally sourced, as well as the natural aesthetics of the venues and landscapes. Different venues have different challenges that we embrace. We like working with our clients to make their dreams come true and the HV provides a safe haven for all of that.”

Executive Chef, Billy Turner, could have worked with any local company, sporting over 85 5 star reviews from Wedding Wire. But he chose to bring your wedding to life with Spice Catering. “(Spice Catering has) been around for 16 years so they have a tremendous reputation in their own right. I feel that they want to take their catering aspect to the next level and I was looking to do more catering one on one. It was a perfect match.”

“I always tell my staff that we are only as good as our last event. Don't get complacent. Let’s take the bull by the horns and go for it.”

Sugar & Spice Café and Spice Catering

2600 South Road Poughkeepside, NY 12601


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